The new stuff

Our roadmap is full of surprises and we are building new technology that is helping our crowdsourced community and clients GET SHIP DONE.

We will describe some of our new upcoming APIs, widgets and SDKs that are currently in closed beta. If you are curious about our tools and have an interesting use case, you can request access through our email


A place is a smart entity that can be created by actors in the process of parcel delivery and help future deliveries be more efficient. Places come also in different types like a warehouse/storage or even a smart locker or parcel shop.


We define a route as a group of deliveries in our system. Sometimes routes can be of the following types:

  • Common picking point: Excellent for picking in your warehouse at a cut off time and delivering in a specific zone

  • Common drop off point: Good for reverse logistics

  • Multiple picking and dropping points: Good for market places that have multiple vendors.

Our routing system currently supports more than 150 waypoints and we use different strategies and algorithms depending on the complexity of a route. You can create routes inside our DASH app but not yet through our API.

Routes allow you to optimize pricing by planning ahead based on the prefered times of your customers.

You can also refer to our Route Manipulation documentation from our DASH APP


Talks is a whole new technology we will be publishing as a set of API's and SDKs. We integrated this technology to create a direct communication among operation teams and the crowdsourced fleet. In 2017, we started integrating conversational experiences for the end customer, allowing them to chat with our drivers. So far, we've been reducing drastically the operation cost and problems on the field for all our clients.

Conversational Logistics

Shippify Talk is all about creating instant conversations with different entities/actors in the world of last mile and even first mile logistics, to optimize processes and solve problems on the field.

Actors and Entities that can connect and send messages or updates among each other are:

  • Warehouse manager

  • Customer / Parcel recipient

  • Driver

  • Operations manager (call center operator)

  • Smart Device ( Warehouses, lockers, IOT hardware)