Webhooks allow you to subscribe to events that Shippify generates every time a delivery or route is changed. When one of those events is triggered, we'll send a HTTP POST request to the webhook's configured URL.

Webhook Setup

Declaring a Webhook

In your Shippify account, go to the setting section and look for `Webhooks` in the left side menu.

In this section you can manage the URL's you declare for each of the events you want to subscribe to. You can also test your webhooks in this section and you'l receive a sample payload.

Available Webhook Events

Specification of events available for webhooks:



Delivery is created

Fires whenever a new delivery is created.

Delivery is in transit

Fires when a delivery has been collected and is in transit.

Delivery completed

Fires when a delivery has been delivered.

Delivery returned

Fires when a delivery has been returned to the warehouse.

Delivery canceled

Fires when a delivery was canceled by an operator.

Event's Payload

When one of the events listed previously is done, the webhook is executed and sends the following payload:

Payload received in URL:

"id": "t-xyz-123",
"routeId": null,
"networkId": 1,
"cityId": 2,
"cityLang": "es",
"companyId": 1,
"companyName": "Shippify Inc.",
"shipperId": null,
"type": "express",
"price": 3.5,
"scheduledStartPickingDate": "2019-09-10T22:42:54.000Z",
"scheduledEndPickingDate": "2019-09-10T23:42:54.000Z",
"scheduledStartDeliveryDate": "2019-09-10T23:42:54.000Z",
"scheduledEndDeliveryDate": "2019-09-11T00:42:54.000Z",
"pickingPlace": {
"lat": -2.1699255,
"lng": -79.898527899,
"address": "San Marino Shopping, Francisco de Orellana, Avenue, Guayaquil 090512, Ecuador"
"droppingPlace": {
"lat": -2.1552256,
"lng": -79.892691899,
"address": "Mall del sol, 4º Pasaje 1 NE, Guayaquil 090513, Ecuador"
"items": [{
"name": "1",
"qty": 1,
"size": "XS",
"price": 0,
"weight": 0,
"fragile": false
"recipientInfo": {
"name": "Test",
"email": "[email protected]"
"senderInfo": {
"name": "Test 2",
"email": "[email protected]",
"phonenumber": "12345678"
"state": 1,
"tags": null,
"referenceId": "referenceId",
"notes": null,
"countryCode": "EC",
"eventEntity": "delivery",
"eventCreatedAt": "2019-09-10 22:13:03",
"eventDescription": "Delivery was created successfully",
"status": "processing"