Create Deliveries

Last updated 10 days ago

The Create Deliveries tool allows users to create multiple deliveries manually, providing the pickup and dropoff information, and scheduling the deliveries.

1 - Create

First, the users have to set up the pickup and dropoff information.

For providing a location, users can use whether the map, dragging the marker to the desired location, or using the Enter a location field, which has an autocomplete feature that shows geolocated places based on the user's input. The Extra info field is intended to contain additional information for that location.

In case the users have already created locations in the places section, these will be automatically loaded and ready for the users to use them.

This tool allows the creation of several deliveries at once, having common or different pickup locations.

For creating deliveries with common pickup locations, the dropoff information of each delivery must be provided in the same row of that pickup. A dropoff can be created by click the "new dropoff point" card.

For creating deliveries with different pickup locations, users must select the "new pickup point" card. This will create a new card at the bottom of the creation canvas, moving the user to that section.

Each dropoff card must contain the packages that will be delivered. To add a new package, users must click the "add package" button. This will open a window in which the size, name, quantity and id of the package has to be provided.

Once a package is added, the list of packages will be visible in the dropoff card. Each package in that list has a menu with the options: create copies, edit, or delete.

Users can use the settings section of a dropoff to add information like Cash on Delivery or Send tracking link for that delivery.

2 - Schedule

After the desired information was provided in the creation canvas, the users can schedule their deliveries by clicking the NEXT button in the top-right corner.

Shippify offers 3 options for scheduling a pickup time based on the users preference:

  • Flex

  • Express

  • Same day

Each option offers the user the possibility to consult for new dates. If an option is not available due to the users current time, then it ill not be presented.

To select a picking time, just click on the desired time window. The delivery option will then show the estimated time of arrival based on that selection.

3 - Create

Finally, to create de delivery, users must click on the NEXT button in the top-right corner. This will open a window showing the users a summary containing dates and pricing. The create button will confirm the creation and finish the process.

Happy Shipping!