Interactive Delivery Tracking

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Our interactive tracking means recipients and drivers are able to collaborate among them to get a perfect delivery right in the door bell.


The following image illustrates the flow of the tracking tool, and how the access is given to the recipient to the web site. Later on we will explain how you can also embed this experience in your own site or mobile app.

The detail of the steps are :

  1. A request of delivery is generated in our system via API or DASH tools and is broadcasted to our drivers network.

  2. Driver confirms the request of delivery and starts the journey to pickup at the time required.

  3. A unique token is generated to gain access to the tracking link. A notification is sent to the recipient through SMS or EMAIL with the URL and token of the tracking site, when the driver picks up the packages.

  4. The recipient opens the tracking link in the web site and is able to fix the address, contact information, report a problem and ultimately start a conversation with the driver to solve any problems on the field.

Channels to access the tracking site

Businesses can provide real time tracking for their customers giving them access to live information and instant updates about their product delivery.

A token is generated in our system given a metadata that contains either the email or the phone of the recipient. Depending on your configurations we send the URL access of the real time tracking web site through 2 channels:

  • SMS : If your recipient information contains a phone number and you configure your account to send SMS and charge you the country fee.

  • EMAIL : If your recipient information contains an email address . This option is set by default for all accounts. You can customize your email and subject.

The url of the tracking page is sent through these mediums after the driver marks in his app that "is going" to the client address.

Check the basic customization you can configure in our DASH APP here‚Äč

Tracking site features

When the recipient opens the real time tracking site, he will be able to:

  • Report a problem The recipient is able to report a missing information or a bad geolocation of his address. We provide a drag and drop tool to fix the location.

  • Real time chat with driver: The recipient can establish a conversation via live chat with the driver in order to send instant relevant information that will help fulfill an effective delivery.

Live tracking within your systems

We will describe upcoming features and tools you can access as our client. Using our technology, you can create deep integrated and customized look and feel that will give your customer a whole different shopping and shipping experience.

To integrate real time tracking within your app or your website you will need to check our deliveries API .

Connect (Conversations among actors)

Shippify Connect is all about creating instant conversations with different entities/actors in the world of last mile and even first mile logistics, to optimize processes and solve problems on the field.

Actors and Entities that can connect and send messages or updates among each other are:

  • Warehouse manager

  • Customer / Parcel recipient

  • Driver

  • Operations manager (call center operator)

  • Smart Device ( Warehouses, lockers, IOT hardware)

So far our Connect platform has been tested for live chat support between our operators and our drivers, also recipients and drivers.

Conversational Commerce and Banking

Our Connect platform allows businesses creare rich experiences within their mobile apps.

Online stores

An online store can create conversational commerce functionality that end up in a same day delivery experience with instant communication with the driver.


Banks often require urban shipping services for credit card and paperwork delivery. But their courier providers are not fully integrated with their systems and are not tech oriented companies.

This lack of technology generates difficulties at the moment of building a rich experience for the new generation of people in a conversational era.

With Shippify Connect, banks can assist their clients with real time information about their product deliveries within their mobile apps. They can even create conversational bot (chatbot) with transactional features.

Plug and Play SDKs

Connect API and SDKs are in closed beta, we are going to publish then very soon. If you want to know more or you want to be part of the closed beta contact us at .

A sneak peak of our conversational components and functionality that you can plug and play.