Your own real time tracking experience

Shippify allows businesses to send an email or sms with a URL where the user can access and track in real time their product delivery. We have built different tools to customize the look and feel of every component in the flow, starting from the email your user receives until the web page he interacts with. We also created API's and SDK's to built a richer experience embedding our technology in your own websites and mobile apps.

All tracking URLs have a validated temporal token that identifies your customer and authenticates him to take actions inside the tracking page. Check the functionalities provided in the tracking page here .

Design your own email template

You can create your own HTML design to send the tracking url. We are still working in the UI that will let you copy and paste the HTML to use. However, you can contact us at to add your template to your configuration manually and test the feature.

In the DASH web app settings section you can also change the subject of the email you send to your client . We recommend to mention the name of your company in these emails so your client get a better idea if what's the email about.

All emails are sent by . If you wish to use your own email server to send these emails and generate the authenticated tracking link you can use our API for that purpose, in such a case please check here

Your brand and colors

In the settings section of the DASH web app you can customize the tracking web and mobile page by adding an image logo and a background color of your preference.

Follow the steps below to configure your basic look and feel customizations:

  1. Add or change a logo by clicking on the logo section and look for your favorite image. Make sure you select the proper size and proportion, we recommend a size at least of 250px by 250px

  2. Add or change the background color by either clicking on the colored square provided to display a color picker, or writing a hexadecimal color code in the box next to the icon.

Once the information is set, click on the SAVE button to finish your customization. Check how your web page will look like: